Monday, May 05, 2008

Josh, I'd not count on sympathy from Jeffy B.

I just received an email from Josh Silver, the Executive Director of Free Press Action Fund, which asks me to contact Senator Sessions. Josh writes, "Sen. Jeff Sessions sits on an influential committee that could hold hearings and investigate whether this “selling of the war” violates federal law. It is crucial that your elected officials hear from you now." The selling of the war is in reference to the NYT's reporting that I posted on, albeit late, yesterday.

I'll do what I can Josh but Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III hasn't earned the name of "Senator Water Carrier" for nothing. He has been a frequent apologist for "The Reign of Error" that has been Bu$hCo. Still, I'll use the handy dandy tool Free Press provides and urge others to consider doing the same.

A prior letter to Jeffy B. on censuring Dubyah was hardly successful and scolding him for voting for Stripsearch Sammy didn't fare much better yet here goes another effort. Maybe he'd listen to Steve Williams? John Gunn

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