Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wolf Blitzer lets Honest Joe slide and recycles ten year old Al Gore "Internet" interview

I flipped on Late Edition and immediately see Honest Joe Lieberman and Wolf discussing Senator Obama's comments about St. John "losing his bearings". Senior Advisor Mark Salter's response is quoted. Wolf doesn't ask about Honest Joe about his checking The Maverick's bearings nor does he mention the navigational use for the word or phrase. Doesn't anyone have a dictionary in the media.

Then I get to see Wolf play a ten year old Al Gore interview with the focus being on how Al Gore claimed that while he was in Congress he took the initiative in creating the Internet. There was of course no reference to how the right wing message machine went to work on the matter yet my question remains why'd Wolf and CNN choose that interview. Maybe CNN was trying to prove their importance?

As to the Gore interview, I was frustrated with the Internet focus yet also couldn't help but think what a loss we had in not having Al Gore in the White House rather than Dubyah and Bu$hCo. I'm however somewhat torn between Dead Eye Dick and Honest Joe. I'd guess Dead Eye is the greater of two evils yet contempt is too light a term for how I feel toward either. John Gunn

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