Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Is Bama Senator Rusty Glover a conspiracy nut?

Bryan Lyman of The Mobile Press-Register reports Senate backs 'urban legend': Alabama resolution alleges that a conspiracy is brewing to form a 'North American Union' although experts discount the idea. Doh! State Senator Rusty Glover from Semmes sponsored the resolution. I regret to admit he's a high school history teacher. He's also a Southern Baptist and a Republican. He's also a decent softball player it would appear with homeruns noted by Dana Beyerle.

Mr. Lyman reported, "The senator said he had been asked by Birmingham-based members of the Eagle Forum, a conservative group, to carry the resolution." Carrying water for that kooky outfit is bad enough yet this whole foolishness is tied back to the John Birch Society. Senator Scott Beason got in on the act as did Hank Erwin in the Alabama Senate. You can't fly with the eagles when you run with the turkeys Rusty. Plus, I'd like to think you had enough going on upstairs to see this for what it was.

I also noted that Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode, who earned national scorn for sending, presumably on the taxpayer's dime, his constituents a letter claiming the election of Keith Ellison, a practicing Muslim, to the House was a threat to the nation's traditional values, had a similar resolution pending up in DC. I'll close with a YouTube of that stellar Republican from Virginia that might reveal something about those weak minds who fall for and then perpetrate such paranoia. Enjoy! John Gunn

UPDATE ~ May 8, 2008 - The Anniston Star ends a recent commentary with "Thus, maybe it is appropriate that the Alabama Senate spend time on something that's this ridiculous. Since our senators have spent so little time on the business of the state, they had to do something to while away the unproductive hours. And look at what they chose."

UPDATE ~ May 9, 2008 - The Mobile Press-Register opines, "What's ludicrous is not that someone would believe in such a conspiracy; people can believe whatever they want. What's astonishing is that people for whom reality isn't an issue are entrusted with running the affairs of this state."

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