Sunday, May 04, 2008

Alaska's GOP House Speaker John Harris sure 'aint no polar bear loving hippie!

I'd previously posted on Federal Judge Claudia Wilkin being forced to order Bu$hCo to get in gear on the polar bear issue and also on how Oklahoma Senator James Mountain Inhofe was carrying on about those whacky tree hugging, polar beat loving environmentalists. Senator Inhofe keeps getting elected in Oklahoma, giving some measure of pleasure to this son of Alabama haing to suffer through Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III continuing his "service", yet I expect the oil barons would also welcome him to Alaska.

Tom Kizzia of the Anchorage Daily News delivers Legislature wants polar bear study ... Conference would seek dissenting views where he reports "A $2 million program funded with little debate by the Legislature last month calls for using state money to fund an "academic based" conference that highlights contrarian scientific research on global warming. Legislators hope to undermine the public perception of a widespread consensus among polar bear researchers that warming global temperatures and melting Arctic ice threaten the polar bears' survival."

Also mentioned was the "flat earthers" at The Heartland Institute and their recent effort to claim global warming was BS, something I posted on way back here. They first tried to tell people they had tons of scientists on their side but they clearly didn't learn their lesson as reported by deSmogBlog. The Republican's War on Science continues. John Gunn

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