Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Looking Bu$hCo in the Eye!

Today I attended an appearance of Alabama’s very own Junior Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. Unfortunately neither Stormie nor Scarlotte were present! Afterwards I mentioned this disappointment, and several serious others, to an aide. I think this clean cut young man was surprised that anybody back home even knew of Jeff’s apparent affinity for bodacious brunettes. The aide also came back to “Senator Sessions votes his values” when I pushed on how the Senator continues to carry Bu$hCo’s water on a variety of issues.

I think I detected a flash of anger in Jeffy B. when I mentioned his failed appointment to the federal bench in 1986. I got this reminder in via the context of telling the Senator I was still smarting over seeing Justice Alito reach the Supreme Court. No, I didn’t call Judge Alito “Stripsearch Sammy”. As for the crowd, I was pleasantly surprised to see even some local established Republicans express displeasure with Bu$hCo on energy, the UAE/Dubai port issue, health care, etc. Senator Sessions took exception with any suggestion that the military was broken and assured the crowd the troops would not be over there a day longer than necessary. Apparently he has not read much on the apparently clear fact that several massive permanent (of course Bu$hCo is a master of framing so they don’t use the p-word) super bases are being built in Iraq. He did say that his common sense suggested that the UAE/Dubai plant deal was not wise, offering that if Dr. Bill Frist wanted the votes that he’d get them. Of course he might have forgotten about the asbestos trust fund bill, another item that was supported by Senator Sessions.

I did not have time to ask many questions or press the Senator as I’d have liked yet it was good to see a consistent apologist for Bu$hCo in the flesh. No surprises in the meeting. Sessions was perfectly polite, relatively well spoken, and apparently smarter than his President, although that is hardly a high standard. That being said I could easily crack both he and W quickly under cross. I hope to be able to push Senators Sessions and Shelby and Representative Rogers and … on any issues where they do not support the Progressive ideals that can still perhaps save our country. However, here in Alabama my main effort will be toward framing the issues and intelligence in a way to connect for our many "values" voters. These guys have some serious money and it will take a whole lot to get them out of DC. Peace … or War

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