Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nothing I'll moan about today so here's ...

Perhaps I'm tired or maybe it just seems like everything has pretty much been covered. It could be that I'm merely sad? I learned last night and this morning that a guy I went to high school with, and then roomed with briefly at Auburn, just committed suicide over his financial troubles in real estate development. He had practiced law in Georgia mostly yet we sat for the Alabama Bar Exam way back in February of 1992. He had two young children and was still presumably married to their mother. I only met her once yet she seemed like a fine woman. I understand his folks found him in his office. A damn shame and a waste of a smart soul.

Whatever is going on, I'm finding little today that I want to comment on. So here's an image of an unknown tree and its blossoms that I walk past nearly every day. Even though the blooms have faded a touch, these trees remain striking. There's been way too much death lately. I need nature even more than normal in times like these.

I also need to go home and see the bride and boy and ... Flying out two weeks from tonight! John Gunn

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