Monday, March 27, 2006

Don't Shred our Constitution Jeff Sessions

While the FDL crew figured faxing was ideal, an e-mail is free and perhaps just as effective. If I had the money and the time I'd camp out in DC these days. If I went to DC perhaps Stormie could arrange an appointment with Senator Sessions for me! Carrying the fantasy even further Stormie and Scarlotte could show me around town when I got through meeting with the power brokers in DC.

She'll always be ReddHedd to me yet the now out of the closet Christy Hardin Smith at FireDogLake inspired me to e-mail Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who serves on the same Senate Judiciary Committee that once rejected him for the Federal bench, the following:

Senator Sessions,

I met you when you were in Randolph County recently. I understand Judiciary will be holding more hearings on the administration's illegal domestic NSA spying without a warrant on Tuesday. I understand Judiciary will also be discussing Senator Russ Feingold’s censure resolution on Friday.

I found it ironic when I went to your splash page and found a photo and report of your videoconference on the three branches of government with 5th graders in Shelby County. I'd argue that even a fifth grader could see that Checks and Balances are at issue here. We are a nation of laws that has withstood threats of facism and nuclear war without shredding the Constitution. The FISA law is clearly applicable and no serious constitutional scholar accepts the strained and vague arguments of this administration in justifying their ignoring the law. Adding to the fact that AG Gonzales and others have avoided answering certain questions makes their positions even less justifiable.

Congress should stop the clearly illegal actions of the President. You and others in Congress must uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights if President Bush chooses in fact to treat it as "just a goddamned piece of paper". President Bush, just after signing the Patriot Act extension recently, issued a signing statement that said he will ignore the law if he deems it appropriate. He must be censured as he truly continues to believe he is above the law.

Senator, this administration has pushed this "unitary executive" theory to the point that I think today's issues would shock our Founding Fathers. This is not a partisan issue although I am surely a proud lefty Progressive. I would likely never vote for you and probably actively seek your defeat. However, if in fact you are a principled Conservative then you surely cannot allow this administration to continue defying the laws passed by Congress. Even more importantly, our Constitution must be followed. I've heard many from the right speak of "strict construction" and "the rule of law" and "activist judges" and ... yet if your GOP allows this administration to continue with their actions I'll know it was simply talking points.

We are at a crossroads here I fear. It might be too late but I do not think history will judge us kindly if we destroy our form of government via misplaced allegiance to a failed Presidency. It is time for men of influence to resist the Bush cabal. He/They are due some serious checking and balancing!

Don't shred our Constitution! Thanks, **** ****

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