Saturday, May 10, 2008

One more example of the myth of St. John McCain

St. John McCain's relationships with lobbyists goes far beyond just the comely ones. Today's revelation that DCI's Doug Goodyear had close ties to the Myanmar gov't was soon followed by his resignation as Chair of the GOP's convention this summer. He's certainly not the only gun for hire up in DC that takes his money from all sorts of nasty folks. Ken Silverstein's Harper's piece is a good place to start understanding how the game works. The Center for Media and Democracy's Powers Behind the Throne is yet another. Paul Manafort was in fact McCain's original choice to Chair the convention yet ironically he was nixed for his own ties to repressive regimes. I know pols from the Democratic Party are often influenced yet I'd argue the GOP is far more easily managed. Huggy Bear's hypocrisy is certain when it comes to the role of lobbyists in his career. John Gunn

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