Thursday, May 29, 2008

HuffPo's 23/6 has even more McClellan revelations

I pondered way back in early 2006 "Broad Deception" ... Isn't That Bu$hCo Basics? and asked "wouldn’t it be nice to get Snotty Scotty ... to respond to real questions ..." I will confess it is hard for me to see him being interviewed as he tries to boost the sales. I even thought Ari had done better after his time with Bu$hCo. However, it would appear that Scotty will be banking some serious dough with his book climbing the charts.

Truly, is the idea that Bu$hCo was/is built around 24/7 politics delivered via liars and operatives shocking news? I like that there is coverage yet anybody that has been paying attention is hardly surprised. Yet, several portions of his book have been ignored. Lee Camp tells us the book also reveals the following:

"George W. Bush wouldn't have gotten to where he is if he hadn't had a famous father."

"Dana Perino? Not the sharpest knife in the drawer."

"The well-being of the average American is not at the top of Dick Cheney's list of concerns."

"Despite what some people have said, President Bush did not want black people to die in New Orleans. However, he did hope they would not relocate to any areas of Texas that he likes to frequent."

Jay Dykman has some gems also.

Colin Powell's beloved pet Golden Retriever was returned unharmed, as promised, the day after his presentation to the United Nations Security Council.

Not only did Karl Rove lie to me about his involvement in the U.S. attorney purge, but that bitch was also probably lying when he said I looked like I had lost a few pounds!

Cheney would often shed his human form just to lighten the mood during all-nighters.

So that explains the Powell speech! John Gunn

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