Monday, May 05, 2008

Here's to exposing the failures of conservatism!

Greg Anrig's The Conservatives Have No Clothes: Why Right-Wing Ideas Keep Failing is on my Amazon Wish List yet just reading his TPM Cafe piece titled Time to Win the War of Ideas ... Finally will do for now. Not just Presidential candidates, but rather all Democratic candidates, even in Red State Alabama I'd argue, need to take on the "modern right-wing's deep-seated hostility toward government". Those that seem to loathe gov't naturally can't make it work. He closes with

Those ideas failed because they were radical -- the antithesis of how many Republicans and independents define their own conservatism. This election presents a huge opportunity for Democrats to make the case not just for the own candidacy, but for progressivism. If the case against the dominant belief system of recent years is presented clearly and forcefully, many Americans who used to think of themselves as conservative will realize that they now have more in common with progressives.
Amen! The problem of course comes with the "presented clearly and forcefully" need as so many of the candidates and consultants come from the centrist weenie camp but hope springs eternal. John Gunn

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