Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Man Collars Former Top Bu$hCo Domestic Policy Advisor Claude Alexander Allen II

Bu$hCo has yet another issue! Schadenfreude is perhaps a poor response to a person’s misfortune, and this man is rightly presumed innocent and can possibly explain the “misunderstanding”, yet seeing the Bu$h cabal squirm once again makes me smile. Recently resigning “to spend more time with his family”, Domestic Policy Adviser Claude A. Allen has been arrested by local authorities for a small time refund/theft scheme at various local retailers. The Moonie Times had reported that Allen had resigned over the Pentagon appropriately forbidding chaplains praying “in Jesus' name at official ceremonies” yet Allen may have been more concerned over the eighth commandment. Rabid Reaganite wing nut Gary Bauer and Focus on the Family really appreciated Claude’s traditional values and even urged Bu$h to appoint a person in the mold of Claude Allen to the Domestic Policy vacancy. Schadenfreude on steroids!

Allen, a Jesse Helm’s protégé, had been previously nominated by Bu$h as a Federal Judge for the 4th Circuit, yet the Senate amazingly enough, yes even this Bu$h covering bunch, had the sense to reject him for his complete lack of judicial experience. The National Organization for Women pointed out his extreme views on reproductive choice. The Mighty Wurlitzer, in this case being the National Review, used Allen as an opportunity to rail against liberal special interest groups and judicial activism. has a decent summary of Allen’s history before he was rejected by the Senate. Reported as Karl Rove’s watchdog at Health and Human Services, Allen has been linked to the Christian Right’s James Dobson. Allen was actually introduced by Dobson on his Focus on the Family radio program with, "I just said how much I love and appreciate you, and it comes directly from my heart." In 2003 Allen is alleged to have summoned about a hundred CDC scientists to the White House to hear a whole day’s worth abstinence until marriage sermons.

Mr. Allen has also done time, not that kind of time, at Bu$hCo favorite mega law firm Baker Botts, now home to James Baker III. Representing at least one Saudi Arabian official in response to the 9-11 attacks lawsuits, this firm is among the elite indeed. Baker Botts even paid Dick Cheney’s recent quail hunt host Katharine Armstrong $160,000.00 in 2004 for lobbying the White House.

Allen is yet another example of Bu$hCo imploding I hope. However, Progressives need to make sure it is not just about Bu$h people and their poor execution but also about their misguided policies. Several branches of conservativism are seemingly ready to blame Bu$hCo rather than engage in a debate over the right’s radical ideas. Worst Administration ever! Peace … or War!

UPDATE of 3-12-06 : Tip of the tam to Digby in reminding us that The White House knew of Allen's "issues" and yet went with the "to spend more time with his family" line. Liars!

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