Monday, April 28, 2008

St. John McCain AKA Huggy Bear lies on ...

After the Reign of Error can we afford another four or even eight years of Bu$hCo 2.0? We've gotten so used to Dubyah's dissembling that I fear we expect little of the Executive branch. McCain focuses on lower cost health-care" Calls for increasing competition rather than 'big-government' schemes from Reuters/MSNBC reveals St. John claiming:
"I'm not going to do like the Europeans have and have expensive health care systems that are neither efficient or, frankly, the quality we have here in America."
Huh? The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn has coverage from CBS titled The Many Myths Of European Health Care: The New Republic: Statistics Show That Arguments Against Universal Coverage Are Weak. Reckon our media will question the Straight Talk Express on this latest lie? John Gunn

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