Tuesday, November 20, 2007

There's Life After Bu$hCo's for Ari and Scotty

Although news today is of Scott McClellan whining about being left in the dark for lies he told on Plamegate I'll mostly focus on what Ari Fleischer has been up to with his role in Freedom's Watch. A nasty group and yet they can be I suppose. At least they aren't pretending to be a neutral group as do a rather large number of the 501(c)(3) outfits that make up the Right's Noise Machine.

Going after my very own candidate this past fall, namely Congressman Jerry McNerney, who admittedly hasn't always done everything I'd have wanted one in DC (the idea of tossing aside perhaps the best of the Progressive taxes, the estate tax, for instance) has certainly brought Ari's latest adventure back in my sights. As for Jerry, I'm going to still try to find a way to help him this next year. Carl Pope is right in how better off we are sans Dirty Dick Pombo. I'll hope Jerry will prove to be the Progressive I'd like, or at least close enough for CA-11. As a Progressive from Alabama, I've surely learned to not expect too much from plenty of candidates I've helped. I can surely hang in there with Jerry. Plus he and his mean plenty to me.

I suppose Ari and Scotty will be cashing the checks for some time, despite their association with Bu$hCo. As an aside, is Ari's brother Michael still working with whatever might remain of the Coalition Provisional Authority? While the GOP is trying to disassociate with Dubyah for 2008 I'd expect anyone that could work in the Bu$hCo White House will live to lie another day. Peace ... or War!

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