Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Well Done Life of Service Professor Galbraith!

John Kenneth Galbraith died yesterday. He served FDR, JFK, and even Slick Willy to a point. But his true service was to his world. A social economist more than a theory guy. A Keynesian that was truly one of the smartest and most influential economists that walked among we mere mortals. One thing I've kept thinking about today is how this current administration distains thinkers and science and ... I cannot imagine any world class mind working under the Bu$hCo cabal? JKG was foundationally against everything this disaster of an administration and Congress has wrought. I anticipate his ideas will be revisited over these next few days and beyond as a contrast to the wealth hoarding ideas of Bu$hCo. Here's the Times Online UK and the WaPo and BBC and ... No "War" but only "Peace" Professor.

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