Saturday, April 22, 2006

NAFTA Failures Increase Illegal Immigration

Octavio Ruiz, globalization coordinator for the Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition-the Resource Center of the Americas, posted at Common Dreams a work entitled "Immigrant Surge is Tied to the Failure of NAFTA : The trade agreement left rural and urban Mexicans worse off than they'd been." that makes tons of sense. Is it the total reason for increasing illegal immigration? Certainly not, with me arguing plentyis due to the desire of American businesses and individuals wanting to get super low cost labor in a hyper-competitive environment. If Bu$hCo will not enforce then what do we expect? What NAFTA (and now CAFTA?) does for rural areas and low skills workers across the border in the U.S. is also less than what was promised. Mr. Ruiz argues for a better approach. Peace ... or War!

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