Monday, April 17, 2006

Progressivism in Dixie - Papers and Party Scolded!

Yesterday at Captain Bama I blogged on the North Alabama teacher that showed a video comparing President Bu$h to an "asshole" to his 8th grade science class. Long post but I tried to raise issues and solutions as I examined the incident and motivations.

Today I looked worked toward education and poverty/class from three editorials from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and one especially dreadful piece in The Birmingham News. Captain Bama has the post under Educating the Haves & Have Nots Plus the Tools.

I then went after reporting in The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer on Alabama's uncompetitive U.S. Congressional races when the GOP shills and other "sources" did not really get it all right. While it might not have been the Alabama Democrat Chairperson's fault it seemed to me this would have been a good opportunity to lay into the ReThuglicans. I worked off the Jarding and Saunder's book of course in labeling the post How to Run These Foxes Out of Our Henhouse!

Lot's of angst today. Frustrations that things might very well continue in this direction makes me a touch sad. Peace ... or War!

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