Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Carl Bernstein - Why Old School is the New Cool

Looks like "Woodstein" is dead. Bob Woodward has been a Bu$hCo apologist and perhaps worse for some time, more interested it seemed in selling and shilling than his past might have suggested. A terrible ending for this once icon of journalism. Yet, the later half of this duo has again demonstrated his talent for analysis and reporting and writing and ...

I just saw Carl Bernstei on Keith Olbermann's Countdown with MSNC now reporting "Carl Bernstein calls for probe of Bush - Journalist urges Watergate-style investigation in Senate". This substantial Vanity Fair Roundtable article explains his reasoning (You true believers still remember anything about the Enlightenment?) and drawing comparisons to the Nixon White House. Hardly the new "we report and you decide" style where those shilling aren't challenged. Of course Bernstein, unlike Old Buddy Bob, doesn't get access to Bu$hCo.

Old school reporting might vanquish the talking points and spin. I'm sure Rover is loosening the attack dogs as we speak. This ought to be good. Peace ... or War!

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