Friday, April 28, 2006

Strippers, Limos, Dirty Tricks, ... GOP Values

Kos summarizes the looming stripergate mess, with some folks looking even at CIA Director/Loyalty Enforcer Porter Goss. And just to the west, Mississippi's Haley Barbour is linked to a company that engaged in various phone stunts in 2002. This one may go straight to Ken Mehlman who is now over the RNC. Peace ... or War!
UPDATE - TPM Muckraker's Justin Rood has even more on the Wilkes/Wade Hooker Ring. The Dukestir was apparently into this really deep. Dusty Foggo's days as #3 to the CIA's Porter Goss might be numbered. Interesting to see how high school relationships forged with the kewl kids lasted so long. Of course we've got a "towel snapping" President leading this ReThuglican cabal.

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