Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rudy, Rick, Ralph and the Right - Family Values!

Rudy, “So you think you’re better than me?” New York’s Rudolph Giuliani will headline a fundraiser for ex-Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed in the near future. Georgia GOP Governor Sonny Perdue, who just signed the nation's toughest lgislation limiting illegal immigrants access to certain social services, might ask you about how to deal with Mexicans given your expertise. $4.3 million worth of expertise. Rudy is reportedly leaning toward entering the Presidential race. Just this past Sunday, Rudy was rejected by America’s Favorite Fundamentalist Jerry Falwell with the Reverend sanctimoniously saying "irreconcilable differences on life and family” made it impossible to support him in 2008.

This was after Rudy had just helped Pennsylvania incumbent Senator Rick Santorum with an appearance. Senator Rick is well known as “one of the finest minds of the thirteenth century” plus he is a charitable man toward his family and friends, and his friends attempt to be charitable toward Rick.. And folks are loving their Rick with $9 million raised just in the first quarter. A 2 to 1 advantage over Casey in funding but he’s trailing by double digits. The Big Mules might have to turn loose some serious change. Or call Diebold? When Tony Soprano mentions you, as “Senator Sanatorium”, I guess you can understand why Rudy might think he needs to be involved. Looking at Ralph’s gambling with graft and Rudy’s family values, I see a perfect representation of the GOP. Talk one thing and do another. And the Democrat kewl kids lets KKKarl paint the left as the ‘flip-floppers”!

It is unknown whether Rudy’s boy Bernie Kerik is attending. Giuliana might have a former mistress and now wife with him to demonstrate his family values. Rudy is trying to demonstrate to the Righteous his bona fides, sort of like old Straight Talk McCain. Cozy up to Bu$hCo Senator while you are at it Sailor. As an aside, does anybody remember the S&L scandals and Senator McCain? When these corrupt and hypocritical goobers enter the race, as the polls and pundits seem to suggest will happen, Rudy is perhaps hoping the true believers will remember and the balance of the balanced will forget. Fuhgetaboudit Mister Mayor! Peace … or War!

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