Sunday, April 30, 2006

Correspondence to Senators Shelby and Sessions

The following is the basics of correspondence I've emailed to Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions regarding the Bu$hCo cabal's illegal NSA warrantless wiretapping. I am going to ask The Randolph Leader to consider publishing.

Dear Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions,

I’ve previously contacted your offices asking you to support, or at least consider without immediately dismissing as partisan politics, Wisconsin Senator Feingold’s censure resolution. This resolution seeks to merely scold President Bu$h for his acting in contravention of the Constitution and applicable law in regards to the NSA warrantless wiretapping of American citizens.

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts has promised much but delivered little in oversight. The vast majority of the GOP has resisted efforts to simply get to the bottom of what this administration has been up to. President Reagan spoke of “trust but verify” yet the Republican Party has simply operated under “trust” despite the Bu$h White House repeatedly demonstrating incompetence and unreliability. I suggest blatant lies have been a staple of the Bu$h Presidency but at a minimum we’ll never know until answers are sought and obtained.

While regrettably I expect you will both continue to place party politics over what is clearly a radical departure from our laws and traditions, Senator Sessions you have especially disappointed me by repeatedly covering for this disaster of a Presidency.

Today I ask that you support the Specter amendment to stop funding of the NSA spying program until the White House provides Congress with complete information about this program. President Bu$h and his Executive Branch have refused to answer even basic questions about the NSA program, including how many American citizens have had their telephone calls or e-mails monitored.

Senator Specter's amendment to cut off funding is needed if we are going to get the facts. This latest amendment to cut funding is apart from Specter's bill, S.2453, which I strongly oppose because it would effectively authorize the NSA spying program.

Congress should not permit a program that violates the Fourth Amendment, FISA procedures, etc. Oppose any attempts to make the illegal NSA spying legal. President Bu$h must quit stonewalling and simply promise to and then follow our laws.

You have a responsibility to the Constitution and the American people to insist on a thorough investigation into the warrantless spying program. Congress has the right and obligation to provide oversight to the Executive Branch. You should protect our fundamental freedoms from unilateral actions by the White House in violation of our rights. President Bu$h has been enabled rather than confronted for his distain for our laws and traditions.

Please oppose both S. 2453 and S. 2455. These bills would reward the president's illegal activity and disrespect toward Congress and the Constitution. Passage of either would effectively end efforts to uncover basic facts about the NSA spying program. I also wonder if you’d be so willing to have this legislation as law of the land if a so called “liberal Democrat” occupied the White House.

Sincerely, xxxx xxxx

I wonder if I'll get a form reply? Congressman Mike Rogers seems to send those out at times. Maybe Stormie will handle my reply from Senator Sessions office? Senator Sessions at least appreciates attractive staffers! Peace ... or War!

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