Sunday, April 09, 2006

WaPo - Some of my friends are for it and some ...

My old Daddy was a political man, even if later in life he turned some of that inside from fear or some other fault. At the foot of the master, I used to hear him say, "Some of my friends are for it. Some of my friends are against it. And I always stand with my friends." Maybe that is the WaPo today? It seems their news section suggests one thing and their editorial board seems to head toward just the opposite. "The facts are biased!" might be the editorial board's position. Let's see if Arlen sticks to his expectations of an explanation from Bu$hCo. Lately he's been folding. Peace ... or War!
Update : Real bloggers like eriposte at LeftCoaster and mcjoan at Kos and judd at ThinkProgress and ... have even more outrage to heap on the WaPo editorial. Can't wait to hear from Little Debbie on this one!

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