Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bu$hCo - We've Got to Laugh to Keep from Crying!

At worst about thirty something months are left of the worst administration ever. I'd never suggest the damage is done with this cabal. Truly Dubyah reminds me of of one of the hands we briefly had working around the farm when I was growing up. Right before my old daddy checked out, he recalled him with, "That son of a bitch could break an anvil!". I can remember my old man cussing Nixon and Reagan and figure if cancer had not killed him then Bu$h would. Check out Will Ferrell doing Bush giving a global warming talk out at the ranch. Tip of the tam to Linda! If he wasn't such a disaster, we'd miss old shrub simply for comedic value. Also, in this case I figure art imitates life. Peace ... or War!

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