Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Iraq, DHS, DC ... All Open for Bu$$ine$$

Yesterday I posted on yet one more Iraq mess in that Parsons Construction is completing just 14% of their cost plus contact to build certain primary health care facilities in Iraq. $200,000,000.00 over two years and 120 clinics average only 2/3 completion. "USAID, Heck of a job!"

Today I ran across this American Propect piece by Sara Posner entitled "Security for Sale" that makes me furious. Corporations have found the perfect leadership in Bu$hCo and his cabal letting lightweights like Tom Ridge and other appointees head serious agencies such as DHS. And don't get me started on ALEC and Barbara Comstock and ...

And we can't forget K-Street! Check out this older piece by Nicholas Confessore in The Washington Monthly entitled "Welcome to the Machine : How the GOP disciplined K Street and made Bush supreme".

Our world is seriously messed up that these same folks get elected by running on "government bad" and then use their connections to hand out profits and positions to their cronies, patrons, and clients. ReThuglicans! Peace ... or War!

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