Thursday, February 09, 2006

Budgeting for (or of) a Civilized People?

Today I'll point you to Bernard Wasow, writing for The Century Foundation, who gives us Standing up to False Choices for a follow up on yesterday's comments on the Bu$hCo budget. Mr. Wasow writes,
The central issue in the budget controversy is not military increases versus cuts in social programs. The central problem with this budget—a problem that has marked every Republican budget since 1980—is that total spending is fundamentally out of line with total revenues. We will hear that the cuts in Social Security, medical care and the rest are “necessary” because we are fighting a war and we have limited resources. But resources have been squeezed, via unaffordable tax cuts, exactly to provide the excuse for slashing non-military spending.

Maybe Grover Norquist is going to be able to drown government in a bathtub after all? His old College ReThuglican buddy Black Jack Abramoff and his connection to Bu$hCo and ... have really paid off! The Century Foundation also recently gave us, via Lorelei Kelly, America's Broken Democracy where she wrote,
It is, after all, difficult to have a discussion about inherently government functions with a group of Americans who don't believe in the public sector.

There's the bottom line perhaps? So many Republicans truly don't see the public good as much if anything in the equation it seems. Of course, the government can apparently still serve the Big Mules up some measure of quality. That's just one example of what seems like several a day! WTF? Is this country really going to hell in a handbasket this quickly? A civilized people doesn't let a government stay in power that performs like this one does it? Yet I expect Jesus Land and the Big Mules will send another version of morality along for 2008! At least I can say that it isn't my fault since my candidates never win!

The Captain is tired. Lots of angst with my efforts at serving the public good today. I think a good Scotch might be in order. Peace ... or War!

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