Monday, February 06, 2006

Jeffy B. Shillin AKA Jeff Sessions

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama (for the record Captain Plaid would not vote to have this man as his dog catcher or even pooper scooper) gave yet another wet sloppy kiss to Abu Gonzales yesterday at the NSA hearings. His adoration of Torture-R-US Alberto was nearly as bad as when Abu was going through his ordination.

During one recess Jefferson Beauregard version 3.0 allegedly trotted out Debra Burlingame, a former attorney who regretably lost her brother in the 9-11 atacks, as a bit of a prop. Or maybe Jeff was her tool? He looks the part. Ms. Burlingame's brother, Naval Reserve Captain Charles Frank Burlingame III, who had served the Navy well and proudly from all I've gathered, was piloting American Airlines Flight 77 that eventually was crashed into the Pentagon. Captain Burlingame, known as Chic, was a graduate of Annapolis. Ms. Burlingame seems to have appeared first on the national scene when she took on the Army over their initial refusal to provide burial space for her brother in Arlington National Cemetery.

I wonder if Stormie Janzen (try Wonkette for a small blurred image of the thong that likely set off a storm over Stormie in the polite circles of Senator Session's Alabama) schededuled Ms. Burlingame for Just Kill 'Em Jeff? Crooks and Liars has the video clip if anybody wants to see Alabama's junior Senator make Roy Moore look like an enlightened mind. Of course Senator Session is such a fine American that he was willing to exploit Katrina deaths to get estate tax issues off the table for his Big Mule backers.

Ms. Burlingame has recently offered her opinion (in that bastion of truth at the's Opinion Journal) with her missive telling us that Al Qaeda is a greater threat than the FBI. On Monday the 30th she wrote,

Furthermore, it was the impenetrable FISA guidelines and fear of provoking the FISA court's wrath if they were transgressed that discouraged risk-averse FBI supervisors from applying for a FISA search warrant in the Zacarias Moussaoui case.

Provoking the FISA court's wrath? Impenetrable guidelines? I'll confess she fully loses me with her reasoning. Silly ACLU it is the Court's fault! Or Clinton? Or liberals? Or James Madison and ... ?

Ms. Burlingame once shared her frustrations with the 9-11 Commission, again writing at the WSJ Opinion Journal, and she has also recently appeared on Faux News Hannity and Colmes. Originally frustrated with President Bush being hesitant to support the formation of the 9-11 Commission, Burlingame has clearly come to the aide of the Bu$hCo supporters. Yet now I fear she's being rolled out by various folks that frighten this Scot just a bit. Here's Mudville Gazette and The Moonie Times and Mad Malkin and Bu$hCo 2004 and ... You get the point I reckon.

We've heard tonight that Karl Rove had a black list threat held over certain GOP Senators to keep them in line with Bu$hCo but I expect Jeffy B was easy.

Peace ... or War!

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