Sunday, April 06, 2008

I wish my old Daddy could have been interviewed

Nobody But the People: The Life and Times of Alabama's Youngest Governor by Warren Trest examines the legacy of the man for whom I'm named. My father was a loyal Patterson man. I know he would have had some stories to add to the effort yet even if not interviewed I wish he were here to read the book. I recall how Ralph swelled up with pride when Governor Patterson singled me out when he spoke at my law school graduation way back in 1991. I also remember how I drove my old Daddy down to Montgomery for some type of Patterson administration reunion. It was one of our finest moments together as he was completely amped to see his old friends. I also remember how I called ahead on my cellular phone to get directions to the event and hearing Dad talk with wonder over the technology and what the future might hold. He also talked of his father being amazed when he visited Atlanta. "Where do all these people live and work son?" was supposedly what Quaron kept repeating.

The Anniston Star's John Fleming has a nice review of the book and also the man. Despite his failures, and I agree the times made it tough for anyone to do the right thing on integration, I remain so very proud to carry his name. John Gunn

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