Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jimmy Carter still does good after the White House

I remain a huge Jimmy Carter fan, even though I know his administration and campaigns didn't always perform as might have been ideal. Thinking back on those days of his Presidency reminds me of my youth. My father surely thought much of Jimmy Carter. Ian Welsh at FireDogLake shares God Bless Jimmy Carter, the Best Friend Israel Ever Had where he writes:
A true friend tells you when you're walking down the path to defeat. A true friend tells you when you're acting despicably. And that's why Jimmy Carter is Israel's best friend in America—the only President to negotiate a lasting peace between Israel and one of its enemies and the only major figure to tell the Israelis that they're walking a path to their own destruction.
Well stated. The population numbers Ian provides do paint a telling picture for Israel. Jimmy Carter continues to earn our respect and admiration. John Gunn

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