Saturday, April 26, 2008

St. John can't walk the talk on conservatism

McCain's poverty tour filled with contradictions by Matt Stearns of McClatchy ties in with the work of James Pethokoukis of U.S. News and World Reports in The Return of Big Government: A bulked-up uncle Sam is coming back to deal with housing, healthcare, Social Security, and more yet the image above might say as much as either. For the record, I found some of what James Pethokoukis was offering a little off yet the article is still with merit.

Huggy Bear is seemingly trying to emulate Bu$hCo's "compassionate conservative" angle from back in 2000. Given Dubyah's punking of America I'm not sure the strategy will work. All but the true believers have given up on Bu$h and the GOP brand is bent if not broken. My thinking is that St. John can't square conservatism with his talking points on his "poverty tour". Despite the Democratic Party's tendency toward a circular firing squad, Huggy's handlers surely know he's got the at least try to appear moderate and sensible to have a chance this fall. John Gunn

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