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Cleverness & cluelessness ~ The Demopolis Times

The Bride's family is mostly over in West Alabama's Demopolis and I visit there at times. The image is of the White Bluffs there on the river. The history of this part of the world is so very interesting. We've pondered moving over there one of these days. I read The Demopolis Times as able to help me gauge the community. Today's The worst campaign ever was incredibly well written and completely clever. I agree Grampy Mc$ame often seems like he's throwing this thing. I however think movement conservatism is hardly going to let his likely defeat keep them down for long. They can hardly govern but they do opposition rather well.

Their endorsement of St. John however doesn't make much sense and they frankly get much wrong. Obama wanted to abandon Iraq? He was against pouring additional troops in via "the surge" yet this infantry soldier might argue the use of counter-insurgency tactics like buying cooperation made as big a difference as the additional numbers. And we're pretty much still looking for a way out of this mess. Even if Senator Obama made the wrong call on "the surge", and I'm not so sure he did, given the stakes I'd like to think about the many challenges in the future as relates to Iraq. Now that we've brought them Democracy ...

Obama "once insisted that U.S.-led forces invade Pakistan in search of Osama bin Laden"? He insisted? Sarah Palin used "absolutely" in seemingly agreeing yet "insisted"? I am certainly uncomfortable with aspects of his remarks from August of 2007 yet know he got much right. Truly we've poured plenty of money into Pakistan and perhaps have not gotten much bang for the buck. And here's a link that helps explain his current position. That US forces have in fact crossed into Pakistan might not be known to the DT. Attacks into Syria recently also are relevant.

He has a “robbing the rich to give to the poor” tax policy? A Progressive tax code is "robbing?"

They write,

Sen. John McCain’s ideas and worldview are stuck in the past. The world has changed around John McCain and will continue to change in the next four years. We’re not sure he can keep up and it doesn’t appear as though he has a strong and knowledgeable running mate to rely upon in the lean times.

McCain talks a lot about reform, but his vision is short. His answer to any economic question is to eliminate “pork” spending (about $18 billion in a $3-trillion budget), cut taxes and wait for the doom-and-gloom stock markets to awaken and solve the problem.

That’s a very hands-off approach to a very hands-on problem.

.... (Obama's) repolished liberalism would only push America down a more dangerous path — higher taxes on businesses, socialized medicine, redistribution of wealth and a general belief that more government is the solution to all the nation’s problems. ...

Nor are we in favor of McCain’s rabid tax cuts, which could drive the country into deeper economic despair. Less tax revenue amplifies an existing logjam and would cripple the working man, the very people these tax breaks are billed to help.

In making a choice for president we’re inclined to give Sen. John McCain our support, based solely on his political know-how and experience.

We feel confident that his service in Washington - more than a quarter-century – will translate well to the country’s highest office.

On domestic issues like energy, our economy and education, McCain offers a logical vision grounded in conservative principles.

His “maverick” persona doesn’t impress us.

We want our president to be a pragmatic, logical thinker, not some gun-slinging fanatical wildcard. However, McCain’s political service and track record is unparalleled in this election, and a little bit of a maverick – a very little bit – could be good for blurring party lines and getting something accomplished

Huh? John Gunn

UPDATE ~ A couple of hours later - I had to bail out on the above but here's the finish ... He's old and out of touch. Yup! That his worldview is of the past seems damning yet y'all still endorse Huggy? Didn't he (or his handlers) choose the running mate? So who is to blame? that was his first choice as President and most believe he flubbed it completely. Even if he had to throw the Bible Thumpers a bone does that show Presidential timber?

The vision thing being short is all too kind. Cutting taxes is a mantra of the right. "Rabid" is right in describing Mc$ame's current position and given that the earlier version of John McCain which knew Bu$hCo was serving up BS with their tax cuts that favored the swells makes this all the more sad. Another foundation for conservatives is that the marvelous markets will work their magic. Haven't we had about all the stay the course, conservative simplicity we can stand?

Once again, when is Senator Obama talking about socking it to businesses? His tax plan is hardly radical and y'all ought to know better. That they DT claims he's seeking "socialized medicine" reveals they are lost. Would that he were. Here's his plan. And I for one think it hardly goes far enough. Falling for foolishness on claims that the Left is seeking a redistributing of the wealth reveals much. Senators Obama and Biden are smart men that certainly don't believe solutions to all problems require more government. Smarter, better government yes but they know public policy is only part, a huge part however, of a better future.

I'd love them to explain what is logical about Senator McCain's plan on energy, the economy, and education. The Obama-Biden approach on any of these three is far more logical to me and yet I'd think Mc$ame's weakness on economic matters is most clear. How he bounced around with the recent meltdown is truly frightening.

"We want our president to be a pragmatic, logical thinker, not some gun-slinging fanatical wildcard." And y'all aren't going with Barack Obama, who continues to impress, and are ready to risk Grampy Mc$ame and even more incredibly Sarah Palin?

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