Saturday, November 01, 2008

President Obama will also let you keep your religion, gun, and dozer Jay

Earlier today I heard Sarah Palin tell Jay the Contractor "We won’t take your bulldozer.” I didn't know the Obama-Biden ticket proposed to confiscate a person's religion, guns, or bulldozers. Given that only two are covered in the Bill of Rights I guess we'll need a Constitutional Amendment to cover the latter. I couldn't help but think of a conversation I had with my best buddy back home this week. We have a mutual friend selling heavy construction and logging equipment yet he's having trouble finding financing for folks with top drawer credit ratings. Pehaps Jay ought to be worried about hanging onto his tractor given that Conservatism's faith in the magic markets has allowed the banking system to take serious hits due to lack of reasonable regulation. Unless he can just up and write a check for a hundred thousand or thereabouts I doubt he could buy another anytime soon. John Gunn

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