Sunday, November 23, 2008

A hiatus for this Highlander and perhaps even ...

I've been slacking on postings as of late and have grown frustrated with not putting up regular content. My traffic has never been substantial yet I had some regular readers. I'm taking yet another pause from the cause, at least that part which involves posting. I enjoy the process of writing and sharing, finding that it helps me refine my thinking plus forces me to dig for greater understandings. Given that The Reign of Error is drawing to an end, and seeing movement conservatism struggling so much, perhaps now is as good a time as any to walk away.

So far "change" looks rather familiar yet I remain relatively optimistic. Eric Holder's choice as AG might have not been wise given his role in the Marc Rich pardon from The Clenis or even decent for his role in defending Chiquita's actions in South America. I've defended scum and understand yet I'm troubled to think how this might hinder his efforts at prosecuting those that have tortured in our name. Upgrading with Henry Waxman to chair the House's Energy and Commerce effort is significant for instance. Jerry McNerney retaining his CA-11 seat is good on a political and personal level. I'm surely hoping I'll get one more chance to work on one of his campaigns.

Also, I'm working twelve hour days routinely, having to even bring work "home" on the weekends. We'll be traveling down to Southern California this March for some training and then likely deploying some time over the summer so I expect the pace of work will become even more demanding. I am a Keyboard Commando as well so typing is certainly less than ideal at the end of a long day. I find myself drawn to reading more as of late even though I'm so tired I often nod off.

Additionally, I have some accounting from my old law practice that I need to straighten out in case I want to get back in the mix once I get off the trail in 2012 or perhaps even earlier. If I can glean any data from an old hard drive then it will be easier but either way I need to spend my time pouring over old files and numbers rather than ranting and raving over right wing nutjobs, ill informed leaders, injustices, and the like.

I'll also being flying home in less than a month for some time with the bride, the boy, and ... I have several projects I need to knock out there since I'm not sure how much time in Auburn I'll have before heading overseas.

My plan is to post little if any until at least the first of the year. Sporadic posts might pop up plus I might drop a few Letters to the Editor. I'll continue to read the local papers back home, Left in Alabama, and the top tier national blogs. I'm reading the latest books from Gladwell, Friedman, and Zacharia even now.

Drop me a note at CaptainPlaid at Gmail if you see anything you want to share. Merry and Happy! I miss the Bride and the boy and ... and I'm surely earning my pay but I'm at least feeling useful as I serve my country. John Gunn

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