Saturday, November 15, 2008

A "blatant, pathetic attempt to stifle" what?

Phillip Rawls of AP reports in The Montgomery Advertiser State Bar president demands inquiry from Alabama Attorny General Prince Troy King's office as to the actions of right wing groups behind Greg Shaw's narrow win over Judge Paseur. An inquiry is requested, in fact demanded, especially as to "Americans in Contact PAC (who) incorrectly told voters that Paseur had received an "F" rating from the State Bar." Since the Alabama Bar doesn't hand out such ratings that would seem to be worthy of a look. It's not that push polls are tacky but rather that this one was over the top.

Also, the Center for Individual Freedom is referenced. Who can forget their "Judge Greg Shaw has the balls to be Judge" effort. Still, the main thrust of this post is against Skip Tucker, Executive Director of Alabama Voters Against Lawsuit Abuse, who said,
AVALA and I would be astounded should Attorney General King join this blatant, pathetic attempt to stifle freedom of speech.
Huh? The language is a bit over the top Skip, even if after you once described the pro-Exxon verdict as "righteous". Then again, AVALA's Lewis Fuller likes it that way. The Alabama State bar's asking the AG if any laws were broken is an attempt to stifle freedom of speech?

Maybe his reaction is merely right wing faux outrage, working the refs, or ... but then again maybe Skip has something to hide. What's the harm in letting Prince Troy look under y'alls skirt? I know he's not likely to want to yet perhaps he'll make the help take a peek. John Gunn

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