Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dr. Malcolm Cutchins latest column

Dr. Malcolm Cutchins gets his regular ink in the Opelika-Auburn News to tell us Marriage, family win on Election Day. He writes that "marriage and family were the big winners" given California, Arizona, and Florida's votes on same sex marriage plus also Arkansas telling unmarried couples of any orientation that they simply aren't part of the solution for children needing adopting in that fine state.

Personally, my marriage isn't threatened or bolstered by another, of any variety. Dr. Cutchins claims the US Constitution prohibits forms of early voting yet apparently he's not that willing to strictly interpret the 14th Amendment. That he praises Bible Thumping Arkansans' vote to prohibit unmarried couples fostering or adopting children says much. Dumb crackers!

He then proceeds to blaming President-elect Obama and the "mainstream media" for our current economic troubles. To cure our ailments, Dr. Cutchins prescribes reforms to "our unfair tax structure forces huge amounts of U.S. capital to go overseas." I'd listen to what reforms he suggests yet he leaves us guessing.

He claims we need to drill, drill, drill ... and even use highly polluting and inefficient oil shales.

He suggests we "diminish give-away foreign aid" and expressly cites the work of Fred Reed in The American Conservative. Lamentations on "wasting money on backwards cultures" sounds backwards frankly Doc.

Dr. Cutchins goes after "ACORN’s willingness to participate in open voting corruption" as well. The Alabama Policy Intitute's Gary Palmer would be proud. They would both be wrong however.

Dr. Cutchins closes with, " Since poor congressional oversight of the sub-prime markets contributed greatly to the loss of several trillion dollars by U.S. stockholder ..." Contributed yes but "greatly" is a stretch, or more accurately a spin, actually. John Gunn

03 November 2009 - I made some slight changes to the above at Dr. Cutchins' request. He's no longer writing his column and I regret if my snarky style offended him. He was 100% classy in asking me to make these changes and I'm pleased to do so. I wish him all the best in whatever he does. John Gunn


Anonymous said...

Wow! And I thought you and I had a good parting. NOW your 2008 (!) mean letters are nr. 2 and nr. 3 on a search of my name, following only my home page. Good grief. And this follows the loss of my second wife. Leave me alone. Malcolm Cutchins

Captain Plaid said...

I'm sorry for your loss Dr. Cutchins. I can't impact how search engines return queries. I amended posts I'd prepared working off columns you'd once published over a long career of sharing your views in the Opelika-Auburn News. Respectfully, john gunn