Sunday, November 04, 2007

Developments for The Don

While I was disappointed in the Siegelman administration at times I'll still admit to supporting him with donations of both time and money. I'm becoming more and more convinced he was hosed by Bu$hCo and others of the extreme GOP set. Given the politicization of DOJ under Dubyah nothing now seems beyond reach I suppose. And politics in Alabama has always been a contact sport. Don't forget that Karl Rove had worked in Bama before.

Our own Glynn Wilson (he's been all over this mess as evidenced by these archives) appears in The Nation with "A Whistleblower's Tale" to provide plenty of background and also some new developments. Snaps to Glenn for the coverage! Also Bob Martin of The Montgomery Independent is due some snaps as well. With the trial judge's potential conflict, or at least the appearance of impropriety, being raised, plus the news of Jill Simpson's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee being leaked, I'm thinking The Don is at least due another day in court.

Stay tuned to this one. Let's also hope the mainstream papers in the state don't forget this case. Peace .. or War!

UPDATE - I've not time to digest this Bob Johnson reporting the The Advertiser but worth adding just for the smell factor that continues to add up. The more you scratch this case the more it seems to signal some monkey business was going on as to prosecuting The Don.

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