Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mike Sutton Returns to Randolph Leader Op-Eds

Mike Sutton of Lewisville, Texas (just north of Dallas) is back in my hometown paper with even more Doomsday than the last time I posted on his "thinking". His contribution this week is Hillary must be stopped for country's survival. I'd have loved to supply the title yet I digress. Since the text might disappear eventually I'll copy the whole thing as follows:

Hillary Clinton is Hugo Chavez in a pant suit, the difference being that once in power she would be more ruthless than Chavez in the suppression of liberties and the exaltation of "The State" as mankind's only true savior. This is not what most Americans want for their children's future -- so what are our alternatives?

Is Mike Huckabee the answer? I believe it was Spurgeon who said, "If God calls you to preach, don't stoop to be a king," which begs the question --why is Rev. Huckabee even running for president? Just as the Osteen mouse had done on The Larry King Show; Huckabee denied that Jesus Christ is man's only way to salvation while being interviewed on The O'Reilly Show. Since a major tenet of the Christian faith is that Christ is "the way, the truth and the life," and since Rev. Huckabee claims to be a Christian minister, his evasiveness and his denial during the interview define him as a weakling and a fraud.

America needs a thoroughly Christian president who is tough and smart, who has the vision to see what has made this nation great, and the courage and faith to stand for those principles -- a man like Judge Roy Moore. To our everlasting shame it appears that there is no longer a place in American politics for such a man, but does that mean we should just give up and hand the country over to Hillary? A thousand times no!Common sense Americans should accept the fact that we do not live in a perfect world, and rally behind Hillary's opponent, whether it be Thompson, Giuliani or Romney. We should pray that the Lord will give that man wisdom, courage and strength; and pray that he has the good sense to take a running mate like J.C. Watts or Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

A fatalist might argue that the flow of history makes it inevitable that all great nations will eventually fade, crumble and fall. If this is true, then for the sake of our children and grandchildren, for the sake of those who have died to secure our freedoms, for the sake of the gospel; we Americans should dedicate ourselves, with God's help, to delay the inevitable for as long as possible.
Mike Sutton
P.O. Box 551
Lewisville, TX 75067

Mike's riffing off the work of Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute yet I'll send you to the Freepers rather than BMI, as both are part of the Right's Mighty Wurlitzer, for his Hillary Clinton: 'Hugo Chavez in a pantsuit' piece. Mr. Gainor apparently makes the scene at Faux News rather often. Nuff said? Also, in that his outfit is part of Brent Bozell's Media Research Center, Inc. one would hope reasoned folks would understand the game. I pictured and posted on Brent Bozell, the nephew of William Buckley, back when I posted on How a Right Winger Reads the NYT. Once again I'm amazed at how shills for the right have jobs a plenty yet lefty types pretty much labor out of love rather than to draw even adequate wages.

I'll not even bother addressing Sutton's "thinking" beyond reminding folks of prior posts (here and here) and then sending you to World Nut Daily where Sutton's candidate of choice, Alabama's favorite theocrat Roy Moore, opines. If people are inclined to believe either Sutton's or the slightly less radical Gainor's position they'll likely not respond to what I have to offer. Perhaps in a long, long conversation a breakthrough might occur? Peace ... or War!

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