Friday, November 23, 2007

Clinton Appointed Federal Judge Does Justice

Lousiana Senator David Vitter has admitted "sin" in regards to the DC Madam list yet at least he'll avoid testifying before a a federal court. While the press would have enjoyed, and perhaps others than value schadenfreude when yet another of the GOP's values crowd gets caught, U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler did the right thing. Reckon if a loyal Bushie would have?

Senator Vitter's official website still has the following language up:
David Vitter is dedicated to making life better for his young family and all Louisiana families. He’s focused on putting Louisiana first as an independent and outspoken reformer, and on advancing mainstream conservative principles.

There's even reference to an award he "earned" from the Family Research Council still up! I'm sure Dr. Dobson is so proud. It's been a tough year for Dr. D. with Senator Craig's scandal as well. You'd think he'd have tweaked this a touch given the last few months. Then again when his wife Wendy spoke out so boldly in 2000 over the Clenis' indiscretions there's apparently little shame in the Vitter household. As lectors at St. Francis Xavier Church perhaps they are above things of this earth? Peace ... or War!

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