Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fraud Req'd to Ratify Alabama's 1901 Constitution

Today's B'ham News reminds us that only massive voter fraud in the Black Belt allowed Alabama's 1901 Constitution to become the oppressive and now bloated document which continues to limit this state. The ending to this editorial sums up the belated remedy.

When the Legislature goes into session in February, it should pass a bill that would let the people decide - in an honest election - whether they want a convention of their fellow citizens to write a new fundamental charter for Alabama.

It won't make up for 106 years of constitution-fueled racial injustice, shabby treatment of the poor and ill, wretchedly funded schools and throttled local governments, all for the benefit of an oligarchy of the deep-pocketed. But letting the people vote would be a start toward undoing the massive fraud of Nov. 11, 1901.

Long overdue yet I'll still not hold my breath. Peace ... or War!

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