Sunday, May 06, 2007

Reagan's "Mourning in America" and today's GOP

Campaign for America's Future is a grand resource and their The Big Con effort is proving very useful as well. Their Republican Debate: Monochromatic Candidates, Stale Ideas from Robert Borosage served up a solid examination of the many, many failures of The Gipper. Their The Wall Street Journal's op-ed page says Democrats should be embarrassed... from Rick Perlstein examined how movement conservatism simply plays dirty. Karl Rove's nasty nature is hardly a surprise to anyone that has been aware of how conservatives play the game. As an aside, I was unaware of the claim that the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at "Princeton University" acted in part as yet another front for the right wing. If this allegation is true, and Robert Borosage and Max Blumenthal are viewed by me as good authority, then "bought and paid for" once again seem to be the "principles" of the right. Truly the fight doesn't seem fair to get Progressive ideas out to our society.

As I posted yesterday, and certainly have covered in plenty of other missives, as the 2008 cycle is fought, Progressives can't allow the GOP to attempt to avoid the failures of "conservatism" by claiming Bu$hCo hasn't been a true "conservative". While there's some truth to the idea that that the Bu$hies aren't legit, the goal ought to be diving into a blistering critique of the right. There's plenty of ground to be gained by killing off, or at least seriously wounding, the recent versions of "conservatism" we've had to suffer through these last three decades. That suggestion being offered, I'll admit that I can accept at least a few "conservative" ideas. The trouble is that the wing nuts and opportunists on the right, and there are plenty indeed, take a limited construct that has a place in intelligent discourse and then expand it to an exponential level of stupidity. This nation simply can't afford the last two or three decades version of "conservatism" as we move forward into the early 21st century. Peace ... or War!

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