Monday, May 28, 2007

Across the Pond for some Al Gore and ...

The Guardian serves up some Al Gore wisdom that is very solid. "A drive for global domination has put us in greater danger: Moral authority, which is our greatest source of strength, has been recklessly put at risk by this wilful president" sums up the substance of his writing.

Dead on thinking and writing, something that Gore usually delivers, and yet I still grieve for what could have been but for the mess in Florida in 2000. Al's new book, The Assault on Reason, is one I surely want to spend some time with eventually.

Also, Ian Walsh of Agonist posted at FireDogLake an essay that I highly recommend. Ian's A Mile In My Enemy’s Shoes is a tremendous examination of our flawed foreign policy that seems to fit nicely with what Al Gore wrote. More frustration follows just thinking about our world's loss by having Bu$hCo in office on 9-11 rather than a better set of folks like what Gore would have been surrounded with!

Finally, it's looking like I'll enlist for five years. Doing infantry even. Might as well be up front, even if a bit more seasoned that might be ideal, and looking at the mess with my own eyes. Learning to be a serious fighter is something that I'd welcome. A matching savings plan, GI Bill that I may be able to at least share some with Baby Plaid, bonus/incentive money, etc. applies. I am rather tired of the struggle of trying to find meaningful work. I'm hardly gung ho about much in our society/gov't these days but service under arms is I hope an honorable way to do good work for our nation. Peace ... or War!

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