Thursday, May 03, 2007

Montgomery Big Mules Once Again Prevent Reform of Alabama's Racist, Outdated, Power Concentrating ... 1901 Constitution

The above image is from 1939. The more things change the more they stay the same? The Anniston Star is a good place to begin examining how the Big Mules, ALFA being their prime example, killed this year's efforts toward our finally getting a brand new Constitution. I would take some exception toward the idea that "agriculture" is the special interest that ALFA represents. I for one think it might be more the landed gentry and Big Timber and ... than true small farming operations.

The Daily Home's editorial from today is likewise just as dead on right. Silly arguments are the only ones reform opponents have home boys! Even the most addled observer knows chunking the 1901 Constitution is critical to this state ever moving forward. Exhibit One as to our failures of "leadership" could be the Senate "leaders" acting like jackasses this term yet we can change paper even if personalities might take a little longer to replace. I think replacing the latter will be lots easier when the former is accomplished. I did appreciate the home boys brief mention of Sandra Bell, president of the Alabama Association of Judeo Christian Values. What a shill! What a shoddy web presence! This isn't even enough to look like an astroturf effort. In Montgomery on Tuesday evening I could watch WSFA. Mercy I miss having that station. This allowed me to lay eyes on Ms. Bell on the tube and once again she didn't disappoint when given an opportunity to speak toward immigration issues. Values indeed!

Truly the Star is correct that "an article by article approach" is more about having the good old boys (and gals?) on Goat Hill making sure the Big Mules are taken care of than any fear that "special interests" will dominate a Constitutional Convention. The powers that be have Goat Hill locked up and the 1901 Constitution is just what they want to have. They'll lie, cheat, and steal to keep their lock on pretty much every way things get done, or perhaps more accurately not done, in Alabama.

Before I close the post, I'll give an update on my status. Still looking about for meaningful work. Have pretty much given up on staying here in rural East Alabama so a move, probably out of Alabama and maybe even the South or perhaps even the country, is likely. Broke and burdened, I've got a few prospects left but anticipate I'll soon call it a day up here near the Tin Shop. Only thing for certain now is that posting will be sporadic and very well may soon end, at least for a good while. Looking ahead, if able, I might wind back up on the intertubes, or whatever network is about five or ten or twenty years on down the road, as I do enjoy blogging.

For now, I just close with "Peace ... or War!" I'm hardly at "peace", and truly don't know that I've hardly ever known it, especially in the last eight years. Additionally, my early years were hardly ideal with my mother's death far too early and the ways of Papa Plaid until he "mellowed" in his last years. I surely took some time to "mellow" as well. Plenty of mistakes, personally and professionally, indeed. Maybe I can find "peace" in "war", political or otherwise?

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