Thursday, May 31, 2007

Misty Eyed and Choking Up ... I'm Outta Here

The image to the left is one I briefly used as a wallpaper some years back with my middle schoolers. My recollection is that the man was in Iraq yet I'm hardly certain. I can also not supply the appropriate attribution.

I am in no way comparing my emotions today with what this soldier was feeling when this image was captured yet today I enlisted in the United States Army. While prepared for the serious nature of what I was doing, I was surprised when I started choking up and getting a touch weepy while doing my oath. I'd been thinking of my son and ancestors often during the last two days so perhaps this was at least part of what moved me so much. I felt something very powerful in the process. I've long respected professional soldiers, knowing that exceptions do at times apply where some don't deserve to wear the uniform, so to now start building on that tradition in my own life is truly exciting. And scary, especially at the ripe old age of 41. Infantry is my MOS and I've pledged at least five years and seventeen weeks on active duty. I'll try to become an exemplary soldier.

Also, I'm stepping aside from Captain Plaid for at least the next few months. I'll perhaps be unable to post due to deployment or limitations on blogging that will I think apply. I'm not sure about the exact policies and conditions but I'd hope that if settled in I could post on matters that might not involve security issues. Leaving the blog is yet another reason to get weepy and choked up! I have so enjoyed posting as I've learned so much. I've appreciated the chance to share. Maybe I'll be back and perhaps not. In the meantime, I'll just close with the obligatory Peace ... or War!

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