Friday, August 04, 2006

Wingnut 101 via Young America's Foundation

Jason DeParle of the Gray Lady gives us “Passing Down the Legacy of Conservatism” where he examines the Young America’s Foundation. At their marketplace you can purchase your own “stunning Ann Coulter” poster (I could perhaps use in my garden as a Scare Ho?) plus claim your free George W. Bush poster. Another freebie is the “2006-2007 Campus Conservative Battleplan” which provides examples of how to best carry our campus activism.

Good luck on the “Highlight America's success in the Middle East” suggestion! I still think a few tours wearing BDUs into the Middle East might be a good place for these chickenhawks to show their support.

I’ve previously posted on the YAF’s Ruth Malhotra doing her part to earn her Club 100 Columnist credentials. PFAW and SourceWatch reveal more. 501(c)(3) status so the Olin, Scaife, Bradley, Coors, … families/foundations can deduct their support. A good example of what these funders are getting for their money is how a YAF media representative recently denied, in a perfect demonstration of smugness that only a young Republican can demonstrate, press credentials to a college-age Progressive reporter after he had twice covered the Campus Progress conferences!

Perhaps this prime fighting age man needs to enlist? Peace … or War!

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