Sunday, February 21, 2010

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I'm making do in Diyala on FOB Warhorse. I should be back "home" in July of 2010. I'll anticipate receiving some leave time back in Auburn for the bride and boy in August or thereabouts. Two more years and I've done my time for Uncle Sam. I'm banged up, old, getting fluffy, had hoped to escape paperwork to no avail, etc. so it will be a glorious day to start a new adventure. I'm working long hours as always but I have much more time to read, tweet, etc. in between the bursts of activity in any deployment. My Twitter handle is @JuntoGunto with this relating to a former history teacher with the surname of **to. When I went into education, I became "Junto" to several friends. I miss the serious blogging here yet enjoy microblogging and the interaction Twitter provides. Visit as well should that be your thing. I may return to blogging here, or elsewhere, but for now I'm still taking a pause from the cause. Peace, John

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