Monday, June 18, 2007

See you in October or ....

Captain and Baby Plaid are pictured above as of June 2007. We look you in the eye and then look forward. Mercy if he doesn't need a haircut and yet I surely need some hair. Baby hadn't seen me sans beard as the cover came well before his arrival. I went ahead and shaved since Uncle Sam will expect me to keep the chin naked. Forty one and gray as could be so maybe I look younger.

I surely hated to leave the blog with George Will as the image folks might see if they visited and figured these might be the best representations of what I'm about when it comes down to the nut cutting. Far from an ideal parent and woulda coulda shoulda applies for much that Baby Plaid has had to deal with. Still, good Scots always move forward and I've done the best I could by the boy.

Note the view in the background. Highlanders indeed!

Once again, I hope to saddle back up this fall or soon thereafter yet at least know I'll spend the next four or so months down at Fort Benning. Ready to make a top drawer soldier so if posting never occurs again then so be it. Hooah! And of course I must end with the the obligatory Peace ... or War!

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