Monday, April 06, 2009

Coming back ... sorta kinda ... to the Bloggering?

I do miss blogging.  I manage to get my venting, creativity fix, bloviating ... in via comments, Letters to the Editor, etc. as time allows.  Lately I've turned towards Facebook and Twitter and Google Latitude (although none of my friends and family are nearby enough to matter) for perhaps as good a way to connect as any under the circumstances.  I miss the bride and the boy and ... so very much!  My comments frequently appear in the opinion pages of the Opelika-Auburn News and the Montgomery Advertiser (there are some interesting souls there!) and I continue to vex friends and family with my LTEs to the Randolph Leader.  I am pondering a return to blogging, either here or perhaps another site like Left in Alabama, assuming they'd have me. Please share any thought in comments or directly.  John Gunn