Wednesday, April 30, 2008

General Services Administration Chief Lurita Doan takes one for the team

Lurita Doan's clearly inappropriate political activities earned her an "Outlander of the Day" over a year ago. She's finally been forced out. They stuck with Rummy and Abu Gonzales and ... forever it seemed yet I guess Lurita Doan was expendable despite her and her Homeland Security Department connected hubby Doug's significant financial contributions to the GOP. The Hatch Act is what my old Daddy had to work under while he was with the Post Office. The idea that the GSA chief would do as she did and then lie about it was outrageous. John Gunn

Big Ag apparently couldn't silence this study

Rick Weiss of the WaPo reports Report Targets Costs Of Factory Farming. He leads with, "Factory farming takes a big, hidden toll on human health and the environment, is undermining rural America's economic stability and fails to provide the humane treatment of livestock increasingly demanded by American consumers, concludes an independent, 2 1/2 -year analysis that calls for major changes in the way corporate agriculture produces meat, milk and eggs." John Gunn

Federal Judge Claudia Wilken must be a hippie

I'd previously posted on Oklahoma's enlightened and clever Senator James Inhofe damning those polar bear hippies yet it would appear the hippies just keep on growing in numbers. U.S. ordered to make polar bear call in 16 days: Interior Department 'in violation of the law,' judge rules gives us all the details. The judge said, "The science is perfectly clear. There's no dispute. The polar bear is an endangered species." Don't worry Senator ... be hippie! John Gunn

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DOD's former top terrorism prosecutor spills beans

The WaPo's Josh White reports From Chief Prosecutor To Critic at Guantanamo and darned if it doesn't come down to Bu$hCo once again engaging in outrageous and perhaps illegal activities. Now retired (see TPM Muckraker for more details on why he left) Air Force Colonel Morris Davis testified "he felt undue pressure to hurry cases along so that the Bush administration could claim before political elections that the system was working" at a hearing in Gitmo. Worst administration ever! John Gunn

More Justice from The Innocence Project

The Innocence Project continues doing great work. Yet CNN/AP reveals that Dallas prosecutors also are doing their part. James Lee Woodard did 27 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit! Two weeks ago Thomas McGowan walked after 23 years! I've previously posted on Alabama being one of the few states to not provide a method by which inmates can petition for DNA testing and also on what a goober Alabama Governor Bob Riley has been regarding Tommy Arthur. I have long been opposed to the death penalty and can't help but think cases such as these have to help the cause. Even those in support of the practice surely can accept justice requires more than Alabama and other states presently offer. John Gunn

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bill Clinton's Not So Grand Foreign Policy Record

Barbara Crossette appears in The Nation with The Clintonian Foreign Policy Legacy and it is a worthy read. Compared to Bu$hCo they were incredible yet surely The Clenis and his team were adequate at best in areas of foreign policy. There's no doubt that Bill Clinton's intelligence and capacity totally eclipses poor Shrub and a comparison of their service isn't really fair yet in at least some ways their sixteen years should be viewed together. John Gunn

D'oh ~ Media Research Center's Tim Graham

Media Matters exposes Tim Graham, the Media Research Center's director of media analysis, who recently wrote in a NewsBusters piece of Nancy Pelosi being "more of a shallow politician than a devout Christian" for referring to both the Dalai Lama and Pope Benedict as "His/Your Holiness". Yup, Dear Leader did the same thing just recently. Reckon he'll question Dubyah's devotion? What a talent has L. Brent Bozell, Jr. unleashed upon our earth. "Wingnut welfare" demands little indeed. John Gunn

Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria on John McCain's foreign-policy schizophrenia

Mr. Zakaria tell us, "On March 26, McCain gave a speech on foreign policy in Los Angeles that was billed as his most comprehensive statement on the subject. It contained within it the most radical idea put forward by a major candidate for the presidency in 25 years. Yet almost no one noticed." Kicking Russia out of the G-8 while letting India and Brazil, but not China, in does seem rather extreme. "[T]hat the United States should adopt a policy of active exclusion and hostility toward two major global powers" does seem worthy of some coverage yet Rev. Wright is obviously more entertaining. John Gunn

St. John McCain AKA Huggy Bear lies on ...

After the Reign of Error can we afford another four or even eight years of Bu$hCo 2.0? We've gotten so used to Dubyah's dissembling that I fear we expect little of the Executive branch. McCain focuses on lower cost health-care" Calls for increasing competition rather than 'big-government' schemes from Reuters/MSNBC reveals St. John claiming:
"I'm not going to do like the Europeans have and have expensive health care systems that are neither efficient or, frankly, the quality we have here in America."
Huh? The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn has coverage from CBS titled The Many Myths Of European Health Care: The New Republic: Statistics Show That Arguments Against Universal Coverage Are Weak. Reckon our media will question the Straight Talk Express on this latest lie? John Gunn

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Alabama Citizens ...'s Dan Ireland is a dumbass

The Alabama Baptist's Sondra Washington tells us how the Reverend Dan Ireland reasons. Here's his "enlightened thinking" on Alabama's Gourmet Beer Bill ...

But Ireland believes HB 196, which also passed the House and is currently placed on the Senate calendar, could be more dangerous to the state, and particularly its underage drinkers.

Sponsored by Rep. Thomas Jackson, D-Thomasville, HB 196, known as the gourmet beer bill, more than doubles the alcohol content allowed in beer sold in Alabama.

"The Free the Hops people wanted to have their own beverage in the state," Jackson said. "That's an imported beer that the Germans and Europeans drink all the time. I feel like if we can take [the Germans' and Europeans'] dollars we ought to be able to embrace their culture."

To that comment, Ireland responded, "If they have prostitution over there, do you think we should have it over here too?"

Ireland believes this bill would provide underage drinkers greater access to a more potent beer, but Jackson, a Church of God in Christ minister, does not believe this will be the case.

"I don't think our teenagers will enjoy drinking this beer because the taste is not good, and it costs $7.60 per bottle," he said.

However, Ireland believes money is not an issue for today's youth.

"To bring what I call a 'high-octane beer' to this market is a dangerous step toward the young people," he said.

"Young people pretty much have the wherewithal to buy what they want when they want it. With that alcohol level, it's a possibility that a teenager can get drunk on one beer. There are too many red flags to allow this to happen."

ALCAP's moral compass seems broken. Mercy! John Gunn

The real Bob Riley has stood up Anniston Star

The Anniston Star asks Will the real Riley stand up? Here he is! Yup, I know that way back in the early part of his administration he tried to do the right thing for Alabama and her many poor folks. However, he and his learned to fall in line with the "conservative" cause. The fat cats and those that they trick into supporting their side are being well served by these two of a kind. John Gunn

John McCain's Alabama Slammer Scandal

Wonkette reports John McCain Enjoys Deep Discounts, Free Slaves At Alabama Event referencing how Homewood's mayor gave St. John a little love when he recently came to Alabama to talk about "poverty". The B'ham News Charles Dean reports, "While McCain spent most of the day in some of the state's poorest communities, he finished it where many Republicans go for cash - the Birmingham metro area. He first attended a $1,000-per-person downtown fundraiser, where people could have their photos made with the candidate for a $2,300 donation. Later, he appeared at a $100-per-person fundraiser in Homewood, where a crowd of about 175 mostly young professionals greeted him." The Straight Talk Express indeed. John Gunn
UPDATE - mooncat at Left in Alabama has more details on Huggy and Homewood.

St. John can't walk the talk on conservatism

McCain's poverty tour filled with contradictions by Matt Stearns of McClatchy ties in with the work of James Pethokoukis of U.S. News and World Reports in The Return of Big Government: A bulked-up uncle Sam is coming back to deal with housing, healthcare, Social Security, and more yet the image above might say as much as either. For the record, I found some of what James Pethokoukis was offering a little off yet the article is still with merit.

Huggy Bear is seemingly trying to emulate Bu$hCo's "compassionate conservative" angle from back in 2000. Given Dubyah's punking of America I'm not sure the strategy will work. All but the true believers have given up on Bu$h and the GOP brand is bent if not broken. My thinking is that St. John can't square conservatism with his talking points on his "poverty tour". Despite the Democratic Party's tendency toward a circular firing squad, Huggy's handlers surely know he's got the at least try to appear moderate and sensible to have a chance this fall. John Gunn

Friday, April 25, 2008

GOP ~ About that flip flopping business?

Jonathan Weisman of The WaPo/MSNBC reports McCain offers tax policies he once opposed: Reversal includes new support for Bush cuts. Kerry's inartful phrasing of his Iraq positions was worth much to the GOP's message machine yet as long as St. John toes the line on the Club for Growth and their ilk's "cut taxes" mantra I expect he'll be OK with their types. John Gunn

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The view 'aint so bad but the wind cuts you in two

We'd just left The Rubber House (A Raytheon high tech shoot house) in Yakima when I snapped the above from my gunner's hatch. An element of Strykers contrasted with the views up there had me thinking about the days I'd trained. I think this image is my best from the trip. John Gunn

HBO's Recount has some serious talent so ...

I expect really good juju from this one. John Gunn

St. John McCain on "big gov't", elitism, ...

Matt Stearns of McClatchy Newspapers shares McCain visits poor Kentucky town to slam big government and darned if my Scots isn't up. Same old play from the GOP I fear. To have Huggy Bear appearing where LBJ kicked off the barely fought "War on Poverty" is even more bothersome. John Gunn

I'm back from the field ... but Condi Must Go!

Robert Greenwald/Brave New Films, DFA, ... serve up Condi Must Go. Sign the petition if so inclined. John Gunn

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Captain Plaid will be AWOL until the 23rd

I'll be here rather than in the city lights. Some new vistas and experiences so I'm looking forward to the trip and training. Riding through Snoqualmie Pass sticking out of a Stryker hatch could prove a bit chilly yet let's hope my old bones can handle. John Gunn

TPM ~ 2004 Obama video to contextualize "bitter"

Well done TPM reader GB. What Senator-elect Obama was saying about struggling rural and working class Americans made sense back in 2004 and what Senator/Candidate Obama recently said made equal sense. The man continues to impress me. John Gunn

Jimmy Carter still does good after the White House

I remain a huge Jimmy Carter fan, even though I know his administration and campaigns didn't always perform as might have been ideal. Thinking back on those days of his Presidency reminds me of my youth. My father surely thought much of Jimmy Carter. Ian Welsh at FireDogLake shares God Bless Jimmy Carter, the Best Friend Israel Ever Had where he writes:
A true friend tells you when you're walking down the path to defeat. A true friend tells you when you're acting despicably. And that's why Jimmy Carter is Israel's best friend in America—the only President to negotiate a lasting peace between Israel and one of its enemies and the only major figure to tell the Israelis that they're walking a path to their own destruction.
Well stated. The population numbers Ian provides do paint a telling picture for Israel. Jimmy Carter continues to earn our respect and admiration. John Gunn

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wall Street Journal's Opinion Section earns punch

I ought not to be shocked yet to have the Wall Street Journal's notoriously right leaning Editorial section using the recent spate of flight cancellations to go after Democrats, particularly James Oberstar of Minnesota who chairs the House Transportation Committee, was beyond belief. They'll get that GOP Spin CLub card punched perhaps twice for this effort. They are seemingly "movement conservatives" that never miss an opportunity.

I mentioned the FAA issue just last Thursday before I jumped on a plane. Now I'm hardly a swell like those the WSJ claims to have among their readers but I expect even they want a safe flight. "There's no better regulator than a competitive marketplace" might sound good on paper yet even the fat cats in first class, when not on a private jet, might want an FAA that functions.

The WSJ's Opinion site opines "Whether any of this would in fact produce safer toys or food or medicines is beside the point for lawmakers like Mr. Oberstar, whose real goal is to augment Washington's power vis-a-vis industry. But it's worth noting that in the case of air travel, safety gains have accompanied less regulation, not more." While I appreciate their reference to statistics on flight safety and can accept the good news are they really wanting to now claim there's a return to a "hypernanny state mentality in the 1970s"? For the record, I surely don't accept this was ever the case. Also, I have a toy safety post banging around in my noggin but have yet to reduce it to writing. Perhaps soon?

The WSJ's Opinion portion laments, "It would mean that every business misstep, no matter how rare, could potentially result in industry-wide repercussions. Congress would call for more rules and greater enforcement, in the name of "safety." And regulatory agencies would respond with overkill. The cost of doing business would rise, and consumers would pay for it in higher prices, less convenience or both." Isn't this a rather broad brush to pick up at this juncture?

Again, my whole beef is that these jokers never miss an opportunity to advance the corporatists' agenda of "free markets" and "deregulation". John Gunn

David Neiwert on Cliff Schecter's The Real McCain

Congrats to David for taking on the editor reins at FireDogLake. He manages to give a preview of Cliff Schecter's The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don't Trust Him and Why Independents Shouldn't however at his own Ornicus. Per Amazon's blurb, "McCain emerges as a temperamental political chameleon who will do or say virtually anything to become president of the United States." Huggie Bear isn't going to be happy. John Gunn
UPDATE ~ Huggie isn't happy!

Is there another Alabama theocrat in the wings?

I've posted on Alabama Senator Scott Beason before for his worries that "our way of life" was being threatened by hordes of brown people. Over on Captain Jimi I noted in the summer of 2006 how Alabama's favorite theocrat "Judge" Roy Moore was now helping out at World Nut Daily. It looks like The Nut has another of Alabama's great minds on the team. The deception of the Bible Literacy Project is a rant against dialectical reasoning, a graduate study topic I especially enjoyed, and pretty much shows the lunacy of this "leader" and his ilk. Citing John Hagee and retired Air Force General Ben Partin ought to seal the deal. How dare schools help teach young people to think! John Gunn

Barack Obama ~ Less hat and more cattle

Perhaps some clarification is needed for Senator Obama's "they get bitter" remarks where he opined folks in "big industrial states like Ohio and Pennsylvania ... cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Then again, maybe he ought to just keep on talking. I personally like the idea that he'll offer a reasoned analysis on issues such as these. There's truth a plenty in what he said. As I posted back in May of 2006 "common sense often can be reconciled with intellectual elitism" and darned if Senator Obama doesn't have that touch. The more I hear him talk the more I hold out hope that he might be a step in the right direction. Use the attention Senator. I suggested this assertive approach when the Reverend Wright mess first started breaking. Jujitsu politics is sort of like earned media in that it's free. He might as well turn it to good. Flip what St. John and Senator Clinton are hurling at you into a positive.

Finally, I can't help but think of how Bu$hCo managed to somehow get the votes of the unwashed masses in 2000 and 2004. The reality that Dubyah is a child of privilege can't be ignored. Daddy Bu$h got him out of Vietnam and he was essentially AWOL for a portion of his time even then. After failure after failure in business, with SEC violations while with Harken Energy that were covered up, he got lucky upon selling the Texas Rangers after a gov't land grab and then publicly financed ballpark so he could buy "a ranch" where he rides around in a pickup with a cowboy hat to cut brush. I also love how reporters do their thing in front of that nice John Deere or a barn or ... It's almost as bad as his Commander Codpiece moment. Bu$h is totally out of touch with the working class. All hat and no cattle!

St. John McCain is the son and grandchild of two high speed Admirals and yet he finished at the bottom end of his class at Annapolis. He married into Anheuser-Busch distributor money. Senator Clinton is better positioned to throw stones here yet she's hardly one of the regular folks. I understand that HRC and her surrogates like Evan Bayh (Senator "Centrist Weenie" from Indiana) will play the hands that are dealt them yet I surely wish they'd look ahead to November. John Gunn

Ronald Brownstein ~ His book & Iraq's bottom line

Ronald Brownstein's The Second Civil War: How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America is pictured the the left. The review of the book by Professor Alan Brinkley, a solid historian indeed, which appeared in the NYT suggested to me he might be reaching to lay much blame on the Democratic Party via illustrations from Daily Kos. As a Kossack, I'm hardly thinking the whole of those visiting and posting are extreme. And Dr. Brinkley's point that the GOP's actual leaders are much more partisan than those on "the left" is surely well taken. I think Progressives will only end the ability of the right wingers to get away with their extremism when we confront them assertively. Truly lefty pols can call BS on the GOP and still be ready to reach reasonable compromises. Still, Brownstein's book now appears on my Wish List.

I knew this book was out there, and I've followed some of Brownstein's past writings, yet I was motivated to do some digging on him after reading his MSNBC/National Journal piece titled The bottom line on Iraq: How much is America willing to spend to try to stabilize Iraq? That my son and other young people will be paying for the "Reign of Error" that has been Bu$hCo is bothersome enough yet I especially appreciated how Brownstein pointed out how General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker's somber caution contrasted with the somewhat chirpy optimism of McCain" in last weeks hearings. John McSame is appearing all the more willing to follow in the tradition of Dubyah's denials. Can we afford much more? John Gunn

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bu$hCo's John Ashcroft was the voice of reason!

In a room with Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Dead Eye Dick Cheney, George Tenet, ... to have John Ashcroft appear as the sensible soul is rather scary. The AP/MSNBC report titled Top officials OK’d harsh interrogation tactics: Cheney, Powell, Rice linked to meetings that focused on techniques presents "Ashcroft as troubled by the discussions, despite agreeing that the interrogations methods were legal" claiming he even uttered "History will not judge this kindly." John Gunn

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Here's the one I'll grow old with

The official doing the honors was a Republican named English yet if that's what it took to marry this amazing woman then it was worth it. Here we are outside of the Lee County, Alabama courthouse on Monday morning but I was back on Fort Lewis by 4:00 this morning. We'll grow old together as credited to my brother in law that we recently lost yet I'd ideally have had a few days more with her before flying back out to the Left Coast. I miss her something fierce. Nothing else to post this evening. I'm a tired fellow and there's so much news to read. Might attend Drinking Liberally tomorrow in Tacoma (at Merconi's Pub on Pacific around 7ish) so I could skip posting then also. Starting at the first of the week I'll be training in Yakima for about ten days so I'll be unable to post then also. Without the posting I'll miss her even more. John Gunn

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I wish my old Daddy could have been interviewed

Nobody But the People: The Life and Times of Alabama's Youngest Governor by Warren Trest examines the legacy of the man for whom I'm named. My father was a loyal Patterson man. I know he would have had some stories to add to the effort yet even if not interviewed I wish he were here to read the book. I recall how Ralph swelled up with pride when Governor Patterson singled me out when he spoke at my law school graduation way back in 1991. I also remember how I drove my old Daddy down to Montgomery for some type of Patterson administration reunion. It was one of our finest moments together as he was completely amped to see his old friends. I also remember how I called ahead on my cellular phone to get directions to the event and hearing Dad talk with wonder over the technology and what the future might hold. He also talked of his father being amazed when he visited Atlanta. "Where do all these people live and work son?" was supposedly what Quaron kept repeating.

The Anniston Star's John Fleming has a nice review of the book and also the man. Despite his failures, and I agree the times made it tough for anyone to do the right thing on integration, I remain so very proud to carry his name. John Gunn

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Not what I needed to read before I get on a plane

The Atlanta Journal Constitution's Marilyn Geewax reports FAA too cozy with airlines, whistle-blowers say. As I'm about to jump on a plane to fly back to Atlanta that news hardly thrills me. Steps might have to be taken to calm my nerves. I'm not certain but suspect Bu$hCo has at least something to do with this coziness. The gang that can't shoot straight on much at least tends to look out for their business buddies. Particular mention is made of favors given to Southwest which is of course based in Dallas. The Texas connection has me pondering yet I'll pass on looking just yet. Right now I need to go find some scotch. John Gunn

Dr. King & Katrina vanden Heuvel will cover for me

I'll likely be silent for a few days as I fly home this evening on a red eye for my brother in law's funeral on Friday. Not posting bothers me as I feel I ought to be working at this little and often lame blog. But to have these two's words and examples up for a starting point will certainly work.

I found this Katrina vanden Heuvel editorial which had a huge chunk of Dr. King's April 4, 1967 Riverside Church speech on the Vietnam War and other failings of our society. Katrina wrote in part the following:

It is a moment to listen to Dr. King's words about the broader casualties of another war--casualties that go beyond the carnage of battle to the devastating costs of war at home--the damage to social justice and racial equality, and the unbearable cost to free speech and dissent. ...

Today, 41 years later, we are once again, as Dr. King told us, "in an unthinkable position morally and politically..." Who of sane mind can look out over the current landscape in America and breathe easily. At The Nation, we recognize that when it comes to the future of our democracy, of our country and the world, we are in the fight of our lives--confronted by failed policies, wanton destruction, false promises, rampant corruption, metastasizing financial pain, and the downward spiraling of America's standing in the world.

Amen! I'll stop short of her calling the war in Iraq "unjust" although anyone that knows me of has followed my blogging likely accepts that I do have strong concerns about both the utility and certainly the consequences of the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. That forces were pulled from Afghanistan to be projected into Iraq is all the more bothersome. I think the Bu$hCo years will prove to be a sorry chapter in American history, although we've had plenty of opportunities lost just in my lifetime, mostly due to "conservatism". Certainly the way that Dubyah, his handlers/enablers, the media, and our nation as a whole handled Iraq will be at the top of the list of what all went wrong during this "Reign of Error".

"The fight of our lives" rings so true for me. And perhaps that is why I feel compelled to do my little part here with blogging to just a few readers. Katrina ends with a promise to "continue to work passionately to speak truth and build a better nation and world." Although this weekend may be some time away from working, I think I will too. John Gunn

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

James Inhofe ~ Damn those polar bear hippies

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe has been tackled here before yet after his effort in today's Senate Environment and Public Works Committee deserves another look. Bu$hCo's rather brand new Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne failed to attend despite being summoned yet he send a letter promising "careful deliberation" on the polar bears' plight. Given his dreadful scores from The League of Conservation Voters plus just the fact he was willing to take a slot with Bu$hCo we know how that deliberation will turn out. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Noonish on March 5, 2008 - Glenn Beck interviews James Inhofe. They lead with the argument that numbers are increasing yet ignore the fact that this particular right wing lie depends on looking at various groups and locations and/or an interest group "study" rather than the species as a whole. That study commissioned by the Inuit-dominated government of Nunavit is giving the right wingers some cover I regret. This WaPo Polar Bear Population Seen Declining seems to consider the long view rather than selective numbers. Here's NPR's Polar Bear Population Struggles as Sea Ice Melts.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Loyal Republican seeks the meat of the coconut

There's Dubyah and Johnny Isakson chatting on Air Force One from some time back. Senator Isakson was a Staff Sergeant with the Air Force Reserve from 1966 to 1972 (The whole time at that rank Senator?) and Dubyah "served" with the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War so maybe time on a plane had them reflecting on their days of sacrifice during a time of war?

Today's Senators hear of poor work conditions in poultry plants from Ames Alexander and Lisa Zagaroli of McClatchy Newspapers reported that many of those doing the hearing "called for stiffer penalties and stronger enforcement against chronic violators." The Charlotte Observer was credited with a series that prompted these hearing. Their "The Cruelest Cuts" would have done that. A tip of the tam they are surely due.

Senator Patty Murray from Washington said, ""I am very concerned because the evidence shows that in the last seven years, OSHA has been dangerously ineffective." Reckon why that might be? So what's a Republican to do? Especially a historically loyal one like Johnny Isakson of Georgia? Here's Johnny:

Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia, the ranking Republican on the subcommittee, said higher fines alone won't change a company's willingness to look the other way when it comes to unsafe conditions.

When OSHA finds companies with a pattern of workplace safety problems, it should assign compliance officers to follow up until all problems have been fixed, he said.

"It's those kinds of things that get to the meat of the coconut more than beating your chest that you tripled fines," he said.

At times I'm not sure whether Saxby Chambliss or Johnny Isakson is the peachiest Georgia Senator yet I find the above rather off base. Your President's basic Bu$hCo approach to gov't gets OSHA to where they can't do their job. Still, you'll not think to hit these offending companies in the pocketbook. And where these "compliance officers" will come from given how Bu$hCo has gutted this agency is beyond me. Let's hope the price of loyalty comes home to bite you in the butt come 2010. John Gunn