Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Outlanders of the Day ~ Colin Powell and ...

A dear friend recently talked with me of how impressed she was with Colin Powell from one of his recently Sunday morning appearances. I reminded her of his role in Bu$hCo's selling of their Iraq policy. Used, abused, confused ..., Secretary Powell was a voice that was as critical as any. Some reasonable folks that remained skeptical were possibly brought over to supporting Bu$hCo's aggressive approach because Colin Powell uttered those infamous words to the United Nations. A "blot" General? I can accept that Colin Powell was a "reluctant warrior". As for the above ...

The Center for Public Integrity has just released Iraq - The War Card: Orchestrated Deception on the Path to War. I've yet to dive into the work. It appears solid from a first pass. The Center for Public Integrity, and their The Fund for Independence in Journalism, are efforts that seems very legitimate. The Fund is a a 509 (a)(3) nonprofit, tax exempt organization yet we've seen on the right abuses of similarly charitable efforts. I noted The Streisand Foundation is one of their donors so I suppose that will be enough for some on the right to discredit their work. That's unfortunate and yet perhaps an opportunity.

One could hardly accuse the average "Hollywood liberal" of operating in a stealthy fashion. One could allege this about a fair number of "movement conservative" foundations. Also, there is good, even stellar, research and then there's "scholarship" that is worthy of immediate dismissal. Contrast and compare if and when you get the rare opportunity to engage a reasonable right winger. Use framing and simple requests to consider looking further. We'll pick off a few or at least slow them down.

As to this Iraq War Card work, I expect most people will find it compelling and defensible, if not conclusive and complete. There's more to keyboard yet I'll move along. Understanding how this debacle occurred is critical and there's blame for us all. P/W

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